Gibbons Commercial


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Like a reliable workhorse, a used truck holds stories of miles travelled, challenges conquered, and opportunities seized. Gibbons Commercial proudly presents a treasure trove of pre-loved used trucks for sale in New Zealand, each bearing testament to durability, performance, and rugged elegance. From the winding roads of Auckland to the picturesque landscapes of Christchurch, our collection showcases a spectrum of brands, models, and functionalities, catering to every hauling need across the Kiwi terrain. Whether you seek the commanding presence of a heavy-duty truck or the nimble manoeuvrability of a light commercial vehicle, our inventory, curated with precision, ensures quality and reliability, backed by our commitment to excellence. Join the league of satisfied drivers who have found their ideal companion in our meticulously inspected, top-notch used trucks. Seize this opportunity to own a slice of automotive prowess tailored to elevate your productivity and redefine your journey. Step into Gibbons Commercial today and drive away with not just a truck but a promise of reliability and efficiency on New Zealand’s roads!

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